Hello, [MM_Member_Data name=’firstName’]. Thanks for setting up a subscription plan with Clockifi. Please read this guide to get started.

  1. Please check your email. We just mailed you a 4-digit access code that will help you access the app.
  2. Download Clockifi from the App Store. Latest version here.
  3. Once you’ve installed, enter your 4-digit access code to activate the app.
  4. You’re in! Click ‘Add Employee’ to create your manager profile.
  5. Add in your relevant details, add your photo and click the ‘Admin’ box at the bottom. Please use a different email here than the one you initially purchased your plan with.
  6. You’re done! Log out, and try logging in with facial recognition. Once back in, you can add more employees (just don’t click the Admin box).
  7. Once activated, you can log into your web panel here or by clicking the ‘Go to Web Panel’ tab up above.